Rubber Key Pads

Frequently Asked Questions

What affects the life of a rubber keypad?
Can rubber keypads be backlit?
What Kind of Rubber is a Keypad made of?
What kind of colors do keypad's come in?

What affects the life of a rubber keypad?

Membrane style and durometer of the material have the most affect on a switch life.  The various coating choices can increase the life of a rubber keypad up to 20 times.

Can rubber keypads be backlit?

Yes – Laser Cutting the key tops and legends does allow backlighting to show through printed graphics.

What kind of rubber is a keypad made of?

Rubber keypads are made of silicone rubber that comes in different durometer’s including, 40,50,60,70 the higher the number the harder the rubber.

What colors do keypads come in?

Many different colors, we can also color match to your existing material sample.

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