Integrated Solutions

What Our Integrated Solutions can do for You


Technomark has built its reputation on outstanding service, no matter what the size of the order - long production run, short run or even prototypes. We offer total support whether we're working with detailed specifications or a rough sketch on a napkin; either working through the details at your office, or working through the details with your engineers here at our design center.

We believe that early consultation is the key to engineering the best possible product. By taking the time to carefully analyze your requirements and understand the product environment, we can ensure that the materials and process chosen will meet your most demanding performance requirements. In addition to selecting textures, materials and tactile feedback options, our experts at Technomark will explore design choices that can reduce costs and speed manufacturing, while improving quality and reliability.

Once initial designs and specifications have been established, our laser options allow us to quickly produce high-quality prototypes and short-run orders without the use of costly dies. Then when designs are finalized, our proprietary manufacturing techniques allow us to shorten lead times and meet delivery schedules while maintaining the highest standards for quality and acceptance.

Thanks to our patented manufacturing process, our EL lighting offers you more design flexibility than ever before. With more tools at your disposal and more unique features to take advantage of, it's never been easier to incorporate EL lighting into new product applications.

With our exclusive EL technology, you can independently address different segments within the same lamp, without using any adjacent space. In addition, polywELd’s™ high conductivity allows for large illuminated areas without bus bars. Plus, a patented process allows the lighting to be terminated at any location on the lamp, for enhanced compatibility with membrane switches and LCDs. With polywELd™, the design configurations and applications are virtually unlimited.


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