Integrated Solutions

Offering the Best in Integrated Solutions


Always balancing quality with efficiency, we utilize the very latest technological tools as part of our design and manufacturing processes with close-tolerance screen-printing and advanced engineering and switch technologies. When it comes time for prototypes, our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) enables us to produce high-quality, soft-tool samples in less than 72 hours, without the use of costly dies.

As a result of our exclusive polywELd™ technology, we were the first to offer engineers, designers and developers a complete line of EL lighting, with the durability and performance required for a broad range of applications. Our polywELd™ lighting gives you the opportunity to incorporate cool, bright, uniform panels of light that are highly resistant to moisture and humidity, in a wide range of shapes and colors. And because polywELd™ puts the light only where you need it, you get unsurpassed efficiency and affordability.

Our commitment to excellence never wavers, continuing throughout the manufacturing process. Our ISO certified standards are enforced through rigorous in-house inspection and testing supervised by our skilled experts, guaranteeing that our products will meet your most precise specifications, run after run.


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