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News: ISO 9001:2008 Registration Achieved

August 2012 – Technomark is excited to announce that its quality management system has been certified as complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 following a review by the independent audit firm SAI Global. This registration is an important recognition of Technomark’s work and demonstrates that the highest quality standards are delivered to Technomark customers.

ISO 9001 is a set of international standard and guidance documents for quality management and quality assurance. The standard represents an international consensus on good management practices, policies and procedures with the aim of ensuring that our organization can, time and time again, deliver the product or services that meet the customer’s quality requirements. This certification is the culmination of years of hard work, consistent top-quality work, and the dedication of our employees at Technomark. Though we have been operating under the guidelines of ISO standards for years, we believe that becoming ISO 9001 certified is a proactive step that not only anticipates the demands of our customers, but also demonstrates our commitment to providing quality services.

"The ISO certification is a formal recognition of the high quality standards we have always maintained," commented Joe Kuhn, President of Technomark, Inc. "The process toward certification helped us to fill in the few remaining gaps in our comprehensive contact-to-shipment quality process. Customers can now be more confident than ever that the parts we supply will meet their needs, the first time and every time."

News: Electroluminescence and so much more.

Technomark introduces conductive pad interconnects within lamp

(Minnetonka, Minnesota) Technomark, an electronic print technology leader and supplier to nearly 500 OEM and consumer applications manufacturers worldwide, has a patented process for incorporating pad interconnects within an electroluminescent (EL) lamp structure.

This exclusive technology allows design engineers to create a contact-to-contact pressure connection in thinner, smaller electronic hand-held devices. This technology has successfully demonstrated increased functionality within less design real-estate resulting in lower overall costs.

In addition to eliminating connector costs and assembly costs for soldering and board connection, quality is improved by avoiding the problems created by trying to interface a metal connector with a polymer substrate, two dissimilar materials.

Known for its EL lighting technology, Technomark also specializes in designing and manufacturing membrane switches, conductive printing and graphic overlays. In addition, prototype, medium- and high-volume production capabilities are offered.

Technomark holds the patent for multiple-color EL printing on one substrate

(Minnetonka, Minn.) Technomark, an international manufacturer and supplier to nearly 500 OEM and consumer manufacturers worldwide, has the unique ability to produce segmented electroluminescent (EL) colors all on one substrate. This allows for multiple color combinations within one lamp structure, without the use of LEDs or alternative light sources.

This patented technology offers engineers a host of exciting design possibilities, allowing them to bring added flair and value to their products. We can utilize the abilities to print multiple-color EL on one substrate and incorporate vibrant color print technology for extra product impact. As products get smaller and smaller, design challenges become greater. This innovative Technomark printing technique - whether it's used for keypads, multi-color LCDs or any other electronic application - can create a sharp point of difference within the marketplace.


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