Electroluminescent Lighting Manufacturer and so much More!
As a supplier to nearly 500 OEM and consumer manufacturers worldwide, Technomark is an internationally recognized as a leading single-source provider of Electroluminescent Lighting (EL), membrane switches, conductive printing, graphic overlays,EL Panels, rubber keypads, and touch screens.

Our exclusive EL technology, patented multiple color illumination methods and innovative interface designs can be custom designed to your demanding standards for OEM or consumer applications. And we are an end-to-solution for your projects. We can build prototypes all the way up to high-volume production. With Technomark, you will find all your solutions with one simple point of contact.

Technomark and Electroluminescent Lighting (EL Lighting, EL Panel)
Years ago, EL lighting was a roll coated, thick, and expensive backlighting option that could only be used in projects with very robust budgets.  The process of manufacturing was very expensive.  However, in 1988, Technomark transformed EL into a printed, thin and cost-conscious backlighting solution for a vast range of applications.  This innovation launched Electroluminescent Lighting into the constantly evolving marketplace and with Technomark changed a sector of the manufacturing landscape.
We truly believe that our applications and experience of intergrating EL across a wide breadth of products will make us the desired choice for any of your upcoming projects.  Please call or request more information today regarding our EL lighting production services.

Membrane Switch Experts
With over twenty years of experience Technomark continues to build and provide only the highest quality in membrane switches in the industry. Membrane switches are a component featured in Technomark’s Integrated Solutions section and we build each one to your exacting standards. Before delivery, each membrane switch is 100% visually inspected and electrically tested for functionality.

Graphic Overlay Professionals
With Technomark Graphic Overlays, you are assured of engineering perfection, from top to bottom. Our Graphic Overlays provide a colorful first impression and make instructions clear for your end user. Utilizing the most advanced material technologies - such as durable adhesive layers from 3M - we craft a precisely engineered graphic overlay unit that works in harmony with interior membrane switches.

Laser Cutting: Minnesota Laser Cutting Specialists 
Technomark is able to provide intricate and precisely detailed components with our Laser cutting services.  We offer Laser Cutting with high speed galvo and fixed beam systems using optical registration and variable field of view.  Our lasers not only cut, but can also perform etching, drilling and perforation.

Rubber Key Pads you can count on!
Custom rubber keypads can be used in a variety of applications to enhance tactile feedback, sealing and aesthetics. If you would like a quote or have questions about our manufacturing capabilities for rubber keypads call today. 



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