Electroluminescent Lighting

Product Options

Technomark offers our clients a wide array of product options for electroluminescent lighting.  We pride ourselves in helping to create the complex components for your latest projects.  Let us help you configure your next project.

Thin and Flexible
0.010" or thinner
Lit to within 0.025" of the edge
Flexible enough to wear
Design Versatility
Arbitrary shapes
Wide range of sizes
Fine detail
Selective deposition
Segmented & Multi-Color
Selective illumination
Functional decoding through color
Animation and sequencing
High Reliability
Mechanically rugged
High environmental resistance
High efficiency
Patented Technology
Multiple colors
Segmented displays
Switch function integration
Custom Performance
Color specification
Precision shapes
Design Integration
System design
Optical performance
Electrical performance
Mechanical reliability

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