Electroluminescent Lighting


We, at Technomark, have been a leading force in printed electroluminescent (EL) lighting technology since the early 1990s. Our innovative PolyWeld(TM) manufacturing technique made us among the first with a printed lamp on the market. Although we specialize in consumer applications, we've also brought our EL lighting engineering strength to the automotive, aviation, instrumentation, and display industries.

Electroluminescent Lighting Technology

We will work closely with you to design a customized solution for your specific project, ensuring that your performance parameters are met. A full line of integrated circuit EL drivers is available, accommodating a variety of DC input voltages and sized to fit even the most challenging designs. And we have the application support - including prompt prototyping, requirements analysis, pre-prototype hardware and electronic data interchange - to make sure everything flows smoothly.

As the final step, we use quantitative specification, rigorous tolerances, in-process testing, and digital measurement techniques to verify that you get the precise, reliable part you're expecting. See your designs in a better light, with EL Lighting from Technomark.


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