Electroluminescent lighting or EL is an amazing technology and owes much of its evolution to Technomark.  Back in 1988, we transformed EL into a printed, thin and low cost form of backlighting.  These ground-breaking changes have created an endless string of industries that have incorporated the technology. 

Electroluminescent Lighting Innovation at work
Let us help your next project by bringing our years of experience to work for you.  We can help you integrate Electroluminescent Lighting into your next project and bring the dazzle of EL to your customers and end users. 

Electroluminescent Lighting for your Projects
Call us today or complete our online form and we can help you define your Electroluminescent Lighting needs and how to incorporate them into your design. And don’t forget, Electroluminescent Lighting is a component in Technomarks Integrated Solutions. 



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